First page of book I am writing......with more to come. Stories and for this book.

JAX & The Pink Elephant

1. Monday

Alone in a rickety old mansion I inherited. Located on a sixty-seven-acer lot of land miles away from anyone up on the mountainside with a great view of the valley below. On a dark stormy night, with my eyelids as heavy as bricks. I feel as if I were to close them for even a second, I would be asleep. But the clashing, rumbling, and pounding of the thunder echoing through my head makes this goal unachievable. In fact, my eyes are wide open so wide it feels like my eyeballs would pop out of there sockets if I were smacked on the back of my head. Every morsel in my body is shaking, sadly all I can do to try and control my fear, is cower in the corner of my room in the fetal position swaddled in blankets. Fidgeting with them making sure I am fully covered from head to toe, except for little holes for my eyes to see out into the room. Sitting, waiting, hoping the thunderstorm would pass quickly, my head drops, and eyes are about close. On my way to sailing off into the night on a peaceful boat ride down a river of dreams. Lighting strikes, I jump high into the sky landing on my feet. The light floods into every inch of the room casting shadows everywhere. My imagination runs wild making every shadow an evil monster as the light retreats to its source. Fueling my paranoia of the unknown making every second focused on inspecting the shadows as if they are the very threat themselves. Staring them down one at a time, jumping from shadow to shadow. Never stopping till the thunder echoes through the room causing me to resume the fetal position again on the floor trying to feel as safe as possible. Here I end up rocking back and forth in a circle just like a top about to fall on its side. Now staring into nothing but pure darkness I come to a calm and almost fall asleep again. Lighting strikes and the process happens all over again. The body of the storm is getting closer now, I no longer have the time to almost fall asleep in between the lightening up and thunder rocking as I like to call them. Just a constant up head flailing about then down rocking in circles. With the extraordinarily little thinking power not being used to control these actions. I think to myself, I am in a holding pattern like when airplanes are waiting to land at the airport, go in circles just waiting for it to end. It seems to be a never ending and I just cannot wait for it to be over.

A ray of sunlight squeezes through the dark and stormy clouds landing on the window seal just to the left of my bed. This little sliver of calm gives me the courage needed to start waddling with my butt barely off the floor still covered in blankets over to my nightstand. The glimmer of light is getting bigger creping on down the wall onto my nightstand. Now about a quarter of the way there I can no longer hear nor see the thunderstorm. More courage fills within, I start slowly standing up, blankets falling off as I move closer and closer to my goal at hand, reaching the nightstand. My arms are now raised high above my head in celebration of making it to the warm and calming sun which now encompasses the whole of the nightstand. The light continues to spread throughout the room as I pick up my phone off the nightstand. After seeing the date and time, fear of the storm instantly no longer existed. It turned into shock causing every muscle in my body to stiffen. In effect causing me to drop my phone. I did not have a good grip on it and was now as immovable as a solidly built statue. Luckily, my phones fall to the floor was cushioned by the blankets that had fallen off from my storm mare episode, as I have affectionately come to call them. I felt a slight breeze flow through the room as my face was losing its color from the shock still fully being felt by my body. I could see in the mirror across from me, my skin was now the purest of whites. Comparable to the color of a blank canvas for painting. This brought my mind back under control of my body. I was now able coherently register why my body had